Terms and Conditions for Pre-paid Credit Deposits

   How can I add deposit to my user account?

Login to your user account in our reservation system and see section my account. Click on “CHARGE DEPOSIT”.

If you want a 5 % discount charge the exact amount of 6 000 CZK.

If you want a 20 % discount charge the exact amount of 9 000 CZK.

If you want a 21 % discount charge the exact amount of 12 000 CZK.

   What is the validity of the deposit? Can the validity be prolonged?

Pre-paid credits are valid for 2 months from the date of purchase. Any unused credits will be lost with 1 exception: validity can be prolonged only if you add another deposit within the 2 month window.

For example, if you purchased a 9 000 CZK prepaid credit (20% discount) and you still had 5 000 CZK, you could add another pre-paid deposit (minimum 6 000 CZK) to extend the validity of the 5000 CZK credit for another 2 months. Note that the discount would be equivalent to the new pre-paid amount deposited. For example, if you have 5 000 CZK credit left from a 9 000 CZK deposit and added another 6000 CZK, the discount would only be 5% as per the discount schedule even though the total amount on the account is now 11 000 CZK. In short, validity can be extended but the discount rate that applies will be according to the new amount deposited, not the total amount of pre-paid credits on the account.

These terms and conditions are valid and effective from 25. 10. 2019, repealing the previous versions.