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to see how our rehearsal room works

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Pick a time that suits you

Once you have registered, it takes just one click to book.

Take note of your access code

Once payment has been confirmed you will receive a text message and e-mail with your access code. Keep it handy as you will need it to enter the rehearsal room. Make sure to check your junk or spam mail folder if you do not receive an e-mail.

Locate and enter the rehearsal room

Our address is Karlovo náměstí 25, Praha 1 (big green door, as shown in the video). Enter the access code on numeric keypad on the right side of the door to the premises and the door into the actual rehearsal space (first door on your right once you enter, as shown in the video). Your code is valid 15 minutes prior to your reservation so you have time to set up your gear. Note that the code is valid only for the time you booked, and you may incur additional fees for staying past your designated time slot.

Rock on!

Take advantage of everything our space has to offer. In addition to the high quality musical equipment, you can also enjoy coffee and comfy seating in the lobby in front of the rehearsal room. Since we run autonomously, please place the instruments back to their designated positions before you leave the jam space. It’s always a good idea to do this a few minutes before your time is up out of courtesy to the next patron. Don’t be messy - remember you’re not the only musician around!