Our Equipment

COVID-19 INFO: We are opened! We added an air purifier to the rehearsal room with viruses removal rate of 99,85 %. We disinfect the whole place every day. In addition, we disinfect the area with ozone generator on a regular basis. We also addded a dispenser with quality anti covid disinfection – you will find it in the room right before the rehearsal room.

Drums: MAPEX Saturn V Exotic with two bass drums, Black Panther snare and 3 toms (+ luxury stool MAPEX T765ASER)

Cymbals: 2x Anatolian crash cymbal (16″ + 17″ Traditional), 1x Anatolian ride cymbal (20″ Kappadokia), 1x Anatolian high hats (13″ Baris Power Hats)

Drum hardware: MAPEX T765ASER drum throne, MAPEX cymbal stands and MAPEX high hat, 2x MAPEX Falcon bass pedal

Piano: CLAVIA Nord Stage 3 with 88 keys (best stage piano from Nord Stage)

Piano hardware: keyboard combo ROLAND KC-400 (150 W) + 1 extra keyboard stand if you want to bring your own keyboard

Acoustic Guitar: Cort Earth 70-W NS

Electric guitar

Guitar Amps: combo MARSHALL JVM410C (universal combo), combo LINE 6 Spider V 240 (ideal for metal players)

Electric bass guitar: Schecter SGR C-4

Audio System: 2x YAMAHA Stagepas 600i (incl. mix pult) (you can connect your smartphone or laptot via USB, please bring your own cabel)

Additional Cables: USB-USB; 3,5 mm jack x 2 RCA kabel and 3 additional guitar to amp cables

Plugs: 13 plugs behind drums;  6 more plugs at the other side of the rehearsal room

  Have any recommendations on any more equipment we should add? Don’t hesitate to reach us out on Facebook or via email.

  Our equipment is supplied by Music City.